CEO & business consultant with expertise & vision.

With 30+ years of experience in the founding and consulting of businesses and companies, I am your ideal partner, especially where your employees and your company successor is concerned. UnternehmerBerater Behrens and his expertise are always available for you – personally, on the phone and via video conference!

Every company faces daily challenges. Daily business isn’t running optimally, and the atmosphere amongst your employees could also be that little bit better? UnternehmerBerater has the solution: Bespoke coaching and employee surveys, which will help you and your company to be back on the road to success! As an entrepreneur myself and as a consultant, I offer you, the CEO, management consultancy tailored to your needs. Thanks to my expertise, patience & communication skills, your organization will be 100% optimized!

Employee analyses

Via a “mood barometer”, conducted with 100% anonymous online employee surveys.

Telephone/Skype coaching

As your personal business consultant, I will coach you on the phone once a week.

CEO succession plan

I will accompany & support you during the handover process to your successor.

Your entrepreneurial advice. Approaches for individual situations.

Communication with employees and customers → the key to success. As a tried and tested management consultant, I rely on listening. I then analyse what I have heard & offer you new perspectives and different solutions.

Listening is everything

Through personal discussions & workshops, I optimize a wide variety of companies.

Ideas rethought

Together, we stimulate new thinking processes, which we will then implement.

New perspectives

Together, we look at & reinterpret challenges.

Strong as a team

Your team will be more motivated and committed. Thus, you will definitely win new customers!

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Mehr als 30 Jahre Erfahrung
in der UnternehmerBeratung!


Digitalisierung Unternehmen

Digitalisierung Unternehmen „Gerade auch die mittelständischen Unternehmen können vom digitalen Zeitalter profitieren. Das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie unterstützt sie mit dem neuen Förderprogramm „Digital

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Mitarbeiterumfrage durchführen

Freiwillige Mitarbeiterumfrage durchführen Seitdem ich mich intensiv mit dem Thema „Mitarbeiterbefragungen“ beschäftige, lese ich immer wieder den folgenden Satz: „Eine Umfrage sollte freiwillig sein.“ Das

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BAFA Förderung

BAFA Förderung Der Name BAFA ist in den letzten Wochen wiederholt gefallen, zusammen mit Corona-Soforthilfe, Konjunkturpaket und Fördermitteln der deutschen Regierung. Sinn und Zweck: Unternehmen,

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