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How to finally identify and eliminate the root causes of problems instead of dealing with their symptoms.

Coming to the point.

I represent your company towards you.
And answer perhaps the most important question:

What's best for your business?

Was Du Als Unternehmer Erwarten Kannst

What you can expect as an entrepreneur

  • Identify problems quickly and eliminate the cause
  • Identify and solve bottlenecks
  • Structural changes that give you more clarity and control over your business
  • Real results for your business
  • More growth and planning security
  • Entrepreneurial experience – conversations at eye level
  • You will be spared all the downs that I myself or my clients have experienced
  • Motivated employees and best working atmosphere
  • More time for you and your family

In the end, more fun in entrepreneurship.

Why act immediately

Problems have a shared common ground. If you don’t treat them quickly at the root, 3 new consequential problems will arise.

Instead of solving just one problem, you have to solve 3 problems at once. Of course, this robs you of your strength and creativity.

When you ignore problems, you lose control and ultimately the overview. You feel overloaded – you can no longer keep up. The consequence? Private problems, too.

Just because you failed to find the one cause of the problems.

I see my task in getting on the track of these symptoms and finding the cause. In doing so, I show you the cause of your problems and accompany you in the implementation.

Warum Sofort Handeln

And my experience confirms that when the company is doing well, the entrepreneur is doing well, too. Basically, the company and the entrepreneur form an inseparable unit.

You are in the right place if you know the following problems:

  • You’re constantly fighting on multiple fronts and feel like a firefighter who has to constantly put out fires.
  • Your employees are not working as they should. You have to explain to them again and again what their job is.
    You find it hard to make decisions because you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.
  • You hardly have time for yourself and your family – And your family says that the company is more important than them.
  • You have strong fears of loss – The vulture of bankruptcy circles overhead if I don’t give 100% as an entrepreneur.
  • The atmosphere in the company could be better – you want your team to function like a family.
Warum Es Aktuelle Herausforderungen In Deiner Firma Gibt

You are not alone...

You are not alone with your problems and challenges.
I take you by the hand, take the company’s point of view, show you exactly why there are current challenges in your company.

I know your problems and you are not alone. Because the problems of entrepreneurs are the same, depending on which phase you are in. I have already helped 100 entrepreneurs.

I will help you too.

All you have to do is make an appointment with me.

Our method


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Free first consultation


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Energy analysis


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Bottleneck analysis


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Measures that bring real results

What is best for your business?

Business consulting advantages

  • My 30 years of ups and downs of entrepreneurship: compact in one hour.
  • Second opinion from an expert: I take the position of the company and determine: What is good for your company.
  • Act now: Set up the company structurally so that problems can be identified and solved by employees in the future.
  • Proven methods: multiple steps from identifying problems to fixing them.

It is time for new impulses.
New ways.
Tried and tested paths.

1. Sign up for a free initial consultation!

2. Do we fit together? Am I the right person for you?

3. Get real results. That move you forward.

Warum Sofort Handeln



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Brauche Ich Überhaupt Eine Beratung?

I am a doer. An alpha.
Do I even need counseling?

The successful entrepreneurs worldwide rely on experience of consultants.

Because being a doer alone is often not enough.
It’s about having a competent second opinion.

A second opinion, who already knows dozens of cases and problems and has even gone through them himself.

A second opinion that recognizes the symptoms and leads you to the causes.

You become successful by not making big mistakes. This is where the consultant helps.

Those who understand this make it to the top. And yes, it is also about jumping over your own shadow.


Business consultant with sense & vision

With more than 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship and consulting, I can say today: I know them all….

I have heard, experienced and solved all the problems an entrepreneur can have.

Everyone thinks their problem is unique. But they are the same problems that entrepreneurs face every day.

Depending on what stage of your entrepreneurship you are in, there are certain problems and symptoms.

From founding, building, selling to succession planning.

I have not only been through all these phases myself, but I have also successfully guided many other entrepreneurs.

I work with proven methods that I have successfully used with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

I will solve your problem too.
You are only one click away.

I am looking forward to meeting you.
Your Kerk Behrens

Kbehrens Unternehmerberater Behrens

The truth about your surroundings…

Your environment can’t help you! Because

  • they are not qualified
  • have little experience
  • do not know all aspects
  • are not emotionally affected
  • have no foresight
  • only want to distinguish themselves with advice
  • are not interested in the end result

As a consequence, they only give you their opinion based on their experience, and this is regularly only the view of one employee.

Problem: Listening to such advice can mean the end of your business in the worst case.

I will show you – like many others before you – which approach

  • is best for you.
  • is just right for your company.

You might need these answers right now to move forward.


Human Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever seen a presentation by Gunnar Barghorn, you’ve probably wondered: what he’s talking about is great. But can it really be implemented?

And what does it mean to be a human entrepreneur anyway?
As the name suggests, it puts people at the center of the business. More specifically, as a human entrepreneur, you bring a whole new level of ease to your business.

Kerk Behrens is one of the few accredited human entrepreneur consultants in Germany, working with Gunnar to guide entrepreneurs who want to be a human entrepreneur on their journey.

You can learn more about this topic in our free initial consultation.

Kommunikation Als Schlüssel Zum Erfolg

Communication as the key to success

If we assume that the company is a keyhole, we can consider communication as a kind of key. But which communication? Firstly, between the boss and the employees, and secondly, between the employees and finally between the company and its customers.

Directly applicable entrepreneurial knowledge

What you can expect as an entrepreneur

More clarity and control

Real results for your company

Conversations at eye level

Yes! With us, no one pays for the initial consultation.

The answer is clearly yes. Even during the free initial consultation, my main goal is to provide you with added value. Most people leave the free initial consultation already with possible solutions and can implement them directly.

The free initial consultation is about getting to know each other and, in addition to crisp suggestions for solving your acute problem, determining whether or not you and I can work together.

Well, that depends. Many factors play a role. We’ll be happy to talk about that during the initial consultation. Basically, quality has its price. I’ll give you the names of my recent clients and you’ll hear – and this is also my personal interest – that their company was taken a step in the right direction after every hour spent.

We can also handle the consultation via BAFA. There I am registered as a consultant and you can get up to 90% of the consulting costs reimbursed. This is a public program of the government for entrepreneurs.

Of course, especially when one-on-one meetings are necessary. This also has the signal for the team that something is changing. They see that there is a consultant behind it. Employees find that very good and also have an explanation why the boss and the company is now changing.

It depends: In the beginning, I’m mostly a consultant who uses my 30 years of experience to solve certain problems (in the short term). In the long term, my position changes into that of a coach who helps the client on his way by asking questions. This is the case when fundamental structures are to be changed, and in a very individual way, i.e. by the customer himself. I only give assistance and small impulses.

First I ask you about your private, business and personal energy level (1-10) and then you tell me what is the most important issue that keeps you awake at night. And I listen. And as I listen, I think of stories with similar themes, parallels to your current situation, and the bottom line. Then we talk about it and tackle things in a very concrete way…. We also agree on concrete actions that YOU will implement by the next session.

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