FAQ online employee surveys

FAQ online employee surveys

FAQ online employee surveys

  1. Why should I conduct surveys of my employees?

The aim of an anonymous employee survey is the long-term and qualitative improvement of understanding, cooperation and activity within a company. In order to guarantee this, it is mandatory to reveal any obstructive disturbances as well as the company’s stimulating potential at regular intervals. This can only succeed if the employees have the chance to really express their opinion in an anonymous survey – without having to fear negative consequences.

  1. Does an employee survey make sense for me and my company?

The answer is: Yes! After all, a company does not only thrive on strong sales figures and happy customers, but also on a motivated team of employees, who enjoy coming to the company every day. However, as in any group, a company can also experience discontent and dissatisfaction over time. This can be directed against colleagues as well as against the boss or even against customers. The consequence (if action is not taken in time): The quality of the work suffers, the mood between the employees and the boss deteriorates. Bullying and burn-out can also be side effects. An anonymous employee survey, carried out online, is a fool proof tool to ensure that communication actually works within a company. This way, the boss, together with entrepreneurial consultants and the employees, can improve the working atmosphere in the long term and implement changes.

  1. What must be taken into account when conducting an online employee survey?

Top priority: honesty in crisis management! An online survey only really makes sense, if the respondents answer all questions openly and honestly! That means: protection against reprisals must be guaranteed! Only if anonymity is guaranteed 100%, each team member can be sure that his or her answers cannot be attributed to him or her. This makes it much easier to answer questions about satisfaction with the boss with an „absolutely not true“. This result may not be to the liking of the company manager, but is part of a subsequent optimisation of communication and the company. The reason: only the disclosure and knowledge of a grievance can contribute to change. Through the feedback from the questionnaire on employee satisfaction, new perspectives can then be found, target-oriented measures can be taken.

It is equally important that employees take sufficient time to answer the questions. There is no point in simply skimming through the questions and ticking an answer box arbitrarily. Therefore, all participants should give their answers carefully.

  1. What is the role of the heads of companies in a survey?

The boss’s own attitude is the survey’s linchpin. A survey can only be successful, if the owner has recognised the importance of employee satisfaction as a company value. Whether the employee survey is successful or not, depends on whether the boss actually uses the results as a basis for change for the company and its employees. A survey is only one step on the way to company improvements. Supervisors also need clarity about what is expected of them in the survey and in the follow-up process. It is just as important that they are given certainty about how to deal with the critical survey results. At this point, it makes sense to implement “rules of the game”. These should convey the message that criticism of managers is in no way used against employees. Instead, any objective criticism should be seen as constructive and as an opportunity for improvement for communication, team spirit and the company as a whole. If the bosses commission a survey, the aim should be to make use of the survey results, i.e., either to publish them or to draw conclusions from them.

If bosses are not willing to do so, they should not conduct a survey!

  1. What do employees think about employee surveys?

As a rule, employees are happy and honest when taking part in a survey. It is therefore important that two central messages are conveyed. It is important to communicate the benefits for the company. It is also important to define and communicate the benefits for each individual employee. After all, the primary purpose of an employee survey is to enable improvements to be made in the day-to-day work of the company and its employees. If the results of the survey are taken seriously by the management and if they “keep it rolling”, great improvements in the company can be achieved in the long term. It is important that employees are provided with an easy-to-use tool that guarantees 100% anonymity.

  1. How do I guarantee that all information is anonymous and subject to data protection?

The anonymity of all employee details is guaranteed 100%. The information provided in this online survey is registered by a Qualtrics computer located in Germany, which is not accessible from the outside. Furthermore, the information is summarised to a statistical overall result, which comprises 8-15 pages. The underlying data sheet filled out by the respondents is automatically deleted after 2 weeks. It cannot be viewed by either UnternehmerBerater or the boss of the company participating in the survey.

  1. What expectations can an online survey raise among employees?

An employee survey inevitably has a signal effect – and this on many levels within the company. It also raises expectations. If the survey were to be selective, the employees could ask themselves the question: Who of us is being surveyed, who of us is not and why or why not? Of course, the content of the questions also plays a role. Which topics are addressed? What can the employees comment on and what not? And: how will the results of the survey be dealt with? Who will see them and what are the consequences for the employees and the company? Do the results provide conclusions for the respondent? These side-effects must always be kept in mind when conducting a survey so that they do not develop an unpleasant and damaging life of their own – if ignored.  If a survey is initiated, the management must be prepared to evaluate orpublish the results. There is nothing worse than conducting an anonymous survey and then not letting any visible consequences develop.


  1. What can I understand by „response management“?

That means nothing else than to keep it rolling. The quality of many surveys suffers from the fact that they have a low response rate. However, this can be significantly increased if there is continuous „solicitation“ for participation in the survey during the survey period. This applies in particular to managers who have „ordered“ this survey. In addition, reminder e-mails are suitable, which should be sent out. A fixed date for the completion of the survey should be worked and communicated regularly. This increases the urgency of participation.

  1. Why do the questions asked in the online employee survey yield an evaluable overall result?

The questionnaire created by UnternehmerBerater was created with the help and expertise of an organisational consultant. In itself, the survey and the resulting overall results are of course of no effect.

The generic terms of the surveyed topics are:

  1. How does the employee see himself?

  2. How does the employee see his colleagues?

  3. How does the employee view his superiors and bosses?

  4. How does the employee judge the products/services of the company?

  5. How do the employees judge the company and the future prospects of the company?

These main topics work like a filter, with which the owner sees where he should take urgent action to turn an unfavourable assessment into a favourable one.

UnternehmerBerater agrees with the boss of the respective company that he alone, with the help of the employees and/or together with UnternehmerBerater will implement the survey’s results with the aim of the qualitative development of the company. It is important that measures, which can contribute to employee satisfaction, are also implemented.

  1. What must the results report of employee surveys contain?

In order to ensure that the results are presented as clearly and concisely as possible, the results of the employee survey are presented by UnternehmerBerater using a graphically appealing and easily readable pie chart. This enables the boss to obtain views and reactions to the work in the team on a broad basis. From this, things that need change in the company can be recognised. The evaluation provides the necessary knowledge and feedback to eliminate disruptive factors in the company and the team.

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