Fear of feedback interviews

fear of feedback interview

Fear of feedback interviews and Employee survey

Many bosses are afraid or have fear of feedback interviews that usually follow employee surveys. However: such a survey is a fool proof tool to identify issues (e.g. bullying or addiction problems) that can disrupt or even ruin a company. A survey can also be used to find out whether the team members identify with the company or if they’ve already handed in their notice mentally.

So, why then, is it so difficult to sell employee surveys to a company’s management? Why do bosses refuse to conduct such a survey that can contribute to both a greater employee satisfaction and process optimization? Previously, I’ve written about the employees’ fear of surveys – e.g. data protection that isn’t 100% ensured, which might result in the employee’s sacking.

But what about the bosses? As of yet, I haven’t read a single article about the management’s view on anonymous team surveys. Many bosses I’ve talked to have however stated the following: “We don’t want to know the result because if we do, we have to act.” Or: “If someone isn’t satisfied with his/her job within the company, he/she is more than welcome to go.” Statements that aren’t helpful at all.

Employee survey – the fear of the feedback interview

Statements such as these increase the larger the surveyed companies are. Let’s say we’re dealing with a company with 5-25 employees. Here, we can assume a closer relationship between the boss and his team. This usually promotes personal contact and good communication, thus promoting the employees’ motivation and satisfaction and the company’s success. But why is that?

  • Talks with the management are more “informal”, than in large companies

  • The boss finds out things via small official channels (e.g. the kitchen)

  • The hierarchical level is leaner that in big corporations

  • The employees tend to know each other rather well

With a small number of employees, you also notice a high turnover very quickly – never a good outward sign! If employees have mentally handed in their notice, they see their job as a means to an end and (no longer) identify with you and your company. The situation is different in larger firms, where human resources or personnel management stand between the management and the employees.

The workforce – no team, no company

Imagine you’re the head of a medium-sized company that specializes in software development. You have 500 employees and 20 branches. As the owner, it’ll be nigh on impossible to know all your employees personally. You also know that a high fluctuation of your top performers will mean your company’s death. Therefore, you have no choice but to face the issues with your HR experts.

  • “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

  • Human Resources has experience with onboarding

  • No company should be dependent on one employee only

  • Let Human Resources hire someone who is motivated to do the job

BUT: In extreme cases, it is ONLY Human Resources that deals with the administration of employees. And for HR, the employees’ satisfaction isn’t part of the job description! Also, after annual audits, what you hear is the following: “We have conducted an employee survey and are currently working on a solution.” Which means: Nothing whatsoever will be done, nothing will change for the employees.

Onboarding – vital for every company

How do you make sure that your employees aren’t simply “swapped” over time? What may not be obvious to the naked eye in big firms, will be blindingly obvious in a small company. So, what to do? I’ll tell you: The be-all and end-all is the management’s awareness! This MUST change, otherwise, reality will change the boss! See your employee not as an interchangeable part, but as an enrichment!

  • What if the employee mentally resigns or – even worse – starts to sabotage?

  • Ask yourself what happens when there is no more “supply” of new employees

  • Fact: Only 15% of your employees have an emotional attachment to your company

On the other hand, 71% of your employees have already thrown in the towel and are about to leave. For small companies, this means: three quarters of your team would be lost, if they just upped and went! Isn’t that just a wonderful image? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful, if this scenario didn’t happen to you and your company in the first place?

Have no fear of feedback interviews!

If your answer is “Yes!”, I have the solution – the survey of employees mentioned at the beginning of this article. I know you don’t want to hear negative things, and if you do, then you tend to sweep it under the company carpet.  After all, you’re afraid of the resulting feedback interview. But what, if your fear of negative feedback was completely unfounded? What, if bullying etc. could be averted?

Take my survey, for example, which covers all areas relevant to your company. Your benefits:

  • It is 100% anonymous and complies with all data protection regulations

  • The survey comprises 65 psychologically valuable questions

  • Your employees can answer them in 20 min while working

  • Results & solutions are implemented by a team of experts

In short: Even if the results are set to dark red in the survey’s traffic light system, there’s no need for you to panic or worry! The reason: It is always better to know where problems exist than to bury your head in the sand. Plus: My network of experienced experts and I will support you every step of the way to greater employee satisfaction and company optimization.

So, have the courage to find out how employee motivation, employee satisfaction and employee loyalty are doing in your company! Don’t let your fear of employee feedback stop you from conducting an employee survey! Call me today for a free initial consultation at +49 (0)40 80 90 31 9016, leave a message here or secure your appointment for your personal initial consultation right here: https://calendly.com/umfragemaus/erstgespraech?month=2021-02

Voluntary employee survey

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