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You know: A successful company cannot only be measured by the sales success of its products and services.

Almost nothing is more important, than a motivated team of employees that pull together with you, thus contributing to the success of the company.

However, small things can often lead to negative developments within the team – i.e., a “difficult” employee, an unclear team structure and/or the relationship to the boss.

The only thing that will help you now is an objective eye from the outside – like UnternehmerBerater. As your business consultant, I provide specially designed employee analyses, telephone coaching & business talks for a unique and successful problem solving.

By the way: Employee meetings are also held via Skype video conferencing!

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Unternehmerberater has more than 30 years of expertise and experience in the founding and consulting of companies. I know the ups and downs of an entrepreneur. I also understand the consequences that you are likely to face, if and when the motivation among your employees is disturbed. In such cases, an “error analysis” is the only help. Therefore, I conduct employee analyses through personal discussions with all your employees. These evaluations can also be conducted via an anonymous online employee survey. On the basis of the gained insights, we jointly optimize communication & motivation in your company. With this “mood barometer”, company disagreements among your employees will soon be a thing of the past!

UnternehmerBerater Behrens is your entrepreneurial consultant, if you want to tackle these challenges together with your team!