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The recent online employee survey at AKOTEC by the consultant Kerk Behrens has completely convinced me. The time required was significantly reduced compared to face-to-face surveys, the employees appreciate the anonymous survey and the catalogue with approx. 60 questions is well thought-out and covers all areas of a company where dangers could lurk. Since the survey was conducted simultaneously for all AKOTEC employees, there was also no possibility of mutual influence. The survey helped AKOTEC a lot in identifying areas where the management team still finds tasks for the next six months, i.e., until the next survey.

Reinhold W.

Managing Partner & CEO AKOTEC Produktionsgesellschaft mbH

The consulting services of Unternehmer Vision helped me enormously, especially in the product launch and sharpening of our target customers. Mr. Behrens‘ advice was directly understandable with real practical examples and showed me how important empathy and sensitivity are in entrepreneurship.

Joey F.

CEO & Managing Director Digifom GmbH

Since the cooperation with Mr Behrens, our operational processes have improved considerably. With his help we have been able to restructure them. This has created clear positions for each employee. Especially in a small company like ours, this is indispensable and increases productivity enormously. Mr Behrens supports every single employee in his ideas and analyses their benefits together with the employees. His neutral and objective view of our company and his direct manner have healed our company blindness!

Günter B.

CEO Vectorcam GmbH

Mr Behrens communicates with every employee at eye level. In doing so, he motivates with a special tact and sensitivity that enables him to grasp even the smallest conflicts. His excellent target group analysis has set the course for our success. By setting priorities, the productivity of the team was significantly increased. We can only recommend a cooperation with Mr Behrens.

Claudia H.

Commercial Management Kunststoff Innovativ


A medium-sized, well-positioned company in the market had problems with internal communication, and there was also talk of bullying. Therefore the MA wanted an anonymous online survey, which the boss agreed to after some hesitation. His concern: Things could come to light that he himself cannot cope with.

For your information: The survey does not reveal who was responsible for the suboptimal communication and bullying! The boss still does not know that to this day!

The results of the anonymous online survey were sufficient to identify and eliminate the existing problems. Together with team & external consultant, both the team communication was optimised by a small, short coaching (it still works today) and the bullying issue was clarified. A psychologist specialised in bullying, who is part of the UnternehmerBerater network, helped here. The bullied employee could be helped, the bullying employee has left the company voluntarily in the meantime.

Anonymous employee survey 2020

Western Germany

The company, which specializes in the production and distribution of special software solutions, commissioned UnternehmerBerater in 2018 to carry out and subsequently evaluate an employee analysis. In order to find problems and solutions consistently, one-to-one interviews with all employees and the company boss were held following the evaluation.

The results: To date, no concrete team meetings had been scheduled in favor of informal corridor discussions. Due to strong company growth, new employees were hired, but not as part of the communication structure that had grown over the years. In order to optimize communication within the company, an appropriate communication and organizational structure was established and implemented.

Detailed employee survey and re-structuring of a company based in Western Germany 2018-2019

Western Germany

The company consulted here has been producing products of the highest quality in its in-house manufacture for 50 years. The plan for 2019 & 2020: The succession from the company manager/“inventor“ to the daughter. In order to get a picture of the previous „corporate challenges“, UnternehmerBerater first conducted a detailed employee analysis. The results revealed points that first had to be eliminated for a successful succession.

The discussions with the boss and his successor were sometimes difficult due to family and emotional issues. At the beginning of the year it was decided to downsize the company. The daughter has resigned from the succession, the head of the company will continue to run the company from now on with the support of two employees and UnternehmerBerater as external consultant.

Company succession 2019-2020

Northern Germany

This company had initially booked UnternehmerBerater for the preparation of an employee analysis. This was necessary because communication within the company mainly took place in the form of „corridor discussions“, but not in the form of employee meetings or discussions with the company boss. In the course of the consultation, the boss revealed that he wanted to have a particularly capable employee trained as his successor. This person was initially to run the company in his absence, and later officially presented as his successor.

In weekly telephone coaching sessions, this employee, who was nominated by the rest of the team with a majority as the desired successor, was prepared for his new role. His „homework“ included studying technical literature, both in book and magazine form. Very important: He should always heed and follow the mantra „What is right for the company now“ when making important decisions. The training will be finished in 2020.

Succession consultation Western Germany 2019-2020

Western Germany

A medium-sized company is planning to expand its „product range“. To this end, it is planned to merge with another company with complementary special skills. The challenge: The two companies to be merged have their headquarters in two countries. Apart from the pure figures (legal and tax treatment), emotions and cultural differences play a decisive role here. In order to make the merger a success, a tax consultant and a mediator were brought to the negotiating table in addition to UnternehmerBerater. The goal: the successful definition and merger of the two companies and the „taking along“ of all employees of the two companies.

Company merger 2020

Western Germany

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