Team survey

Team survey

Team survey – key to success !

A team survey is your key to success. The reason: no matter which company or which entrepreneur you talk to: if there are disruptions in a company, it’s usually the employees who are “to blame”. The reason: instead of talking to their boss about their worries, problems, fears, and possible bullying, these issues are gossiped about among the team – if even that. Instead, they are allowed to fester and to turn into serious company problems.

In an ideal business world, employees should have the guts and the duty to talk to their management about said issues. Only here would they have the right platform to address what’s bothering them. Only here do they have someone who can help working on and implementing solutions to make these disruptive influences stop. This would also improve communication amongst the team members.

I myself have managed various companies over the last three decades – naturally, with a certain number of employees. I have always seen myself as a boss who proclaimed an open-door policy and who lived by it. And still – if there were problems, either among my employees or with me – they rarely or never came to me to talk about them.

Your staff and communicating with you as the boss

I’ve wondered why that was for a very long time. However, to this day, I’ve never found or received a satisfying answer. Neither could I find one by myself. There are many possible explanations – starting with the fact that the employee in question doesn’t want to be seen as the company snitch by his colleagues who tells tales behind their back, thus getting them into trouble. Other possibilities are:

  • The employee doesn’t want to get into an unpleasant situation with his boss

  • The employee doesn’t know how to communicate properly with the boss

  • The employee is afraid of getting into trouble/bullying with colleagues

  • The employee doesn’t like the consequences that could result

Regardless of all these possible motivations, the following fact remains: if a company doesn’t communicate in an objective and therefore reasonable manner, neither problems, nor disagreements will disappear. On the contrary – they’ll become bigger and more dangerous. So how to find out about these issues before it’s way too late? Easy: with an anonymous employee survey or team survey!

Team surveys for your employees

You have the choice of either creating these surveys yourself, e.g. in paper form, or to simply gather all your employees in one room and questioning them. What do you think: how well will this work? Probably not that well! Also, you can find surveys online. In my opinion, most of these analogue and digital scenarios always have some shortcomings, which is why they aren’t carried out. These are:

  • The employee is afraid that the boss will find out how he answered

  • The critical results are being swept under the carpet

  • The survey completely misses the actual topic

  • The survey is poorly done and/or tendentious

This means: a problem analysis and the implementations of resolutions based on the team survey results simply doesn’t happen. Therefore, no trace of business and communication optimisation. You all know how the saying goes: “Out of sight, out of mind.” It’s self-explanatory that this “3 monkey attitude” of seeing nothing, hearing nothing, saying nothing won’t get you anywhere.

Your team survey with added value and vision

After having intensively dealt with the topic of a 100% anonymous online employee survey over the past weeks and months, I can now present you the results. A survey that asks poignant questions and an included consultation which offers you solutions suitable to your business. This is what my employee survey offers you in regards to an added value and vision for your specific needs:

  • 65 simple multiple-choice questions worked out by a psychologist

  • 20 minutes to answer the questions, easily done by smartphone or desktop

  • 3 days after the survey, you’ll receive the evaluation as an easy to read traffic light system

  • 1 analysis meeting of the final results via Skype/Zoom/telephone with UnternehmerBerater

So, stop trying to use DIY employee surveys! Also, stop your Google search for the right online survey immediately at UnternehmerBerater Behrens! Call me today for your free initial interview at +49 (0) 40 80 90 31 9016, leave a message here or secure your appointment for your personal initial consultation right here:

Voluntary employee survey


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