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Individual company succession

You own/manage a medium-sized company and are now considering how to hand over to a successor.

In order to make the emotionally and strategically challenging process sustainable for the future, so-called “rules of the game” and “road maps” are developed together with the boss and the successor.

In addition, UnternehmerBerater brings together and coordinates the individual specialist areas (taxes, law, etc.) by means of a network of experts built up over 30 years.

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    Succession planning with Unternehmerberater


    Every one of you who has founded a company has done so with heart and soul. What is bad for you is the time when you have to withdraw from your company and hand it over to a successor. This often means that you are no longer part of the company and may not feel welcome here any more. In addition, you must be sure that your successor will continue your life’s work in your spirit. The aim should be that you can retire in a relaxed manner and continue to enjoy the benefits of your life’s work.

    UnternehmerBerater helps you and your successor to master this challenging time of business handover.