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Individual company succession

You own/manage a medium-sized company and are now considering how to hand over to a successor.

Your challenge: Your successor often does not have the experience and knowledge that you as an entrepreneur have acquired over decades. Together with you, I will pass this knowledge on to your successor.

A family business succession is particularly challenging. Here, emotions play a major role. I will stand by your and your successor’s side in the difficult talks that will occur during the handover. Together, we will make sure that everyone will play by the book.

My coaching not only prepares you for the handover of your company, but also trains your successor. This happens in personal meetings and weekly telephone coachings.

Unternehmerberater is your succession advisor for your company.

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Succession planning with Unternehmerberater

Every one of you who has founded a company has done so with heart and soul. To you as the founder, that is the reason why this company is particularly close to your heart. If the numbers are not right and/or if there are disagreements within the team, you will also be personally affected. But for you, the time when you have to withdraw from your company and hand it over to a successor is even worse. It often means that you are no longer part of the company and you may no longer feel welcome there. In addition, you must be sure that your successor will continue your life’s work in your spirit. The aim should be that you can retire in a relaxed manner and continue to enjoy the benefits of your life’s work.

UnternehmerBerater helps you and your successor to master this challenging time of your business handover.