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Executive coaching by UNternehmerBerater

Are you a successful entrepreneur?

Do you wake up with the following thought? Becoming an entrepreneur is not difficult – being an entrepreneur is very difficult.

You have 30 balls in the air at once. Mobbing, team disturbances, customer complaints, supplier problems – no private life.

What you need: More structure, priorities, clarity in decision-making This means: A clearly defined leadership competence.

I will teach you these skills in weekly telephone coaching sessions and/or video conferences.

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    UnternehmerBerater has more than 30 years of expertise & experience in the establishment and consulting of companies. I know the ups and downs of an entrepreneur. I know that an entrepreneur/CEO often juggles too many balls at once. This starts with the employees and ends with supplier problems, customer satisfaction and sales figures/winnings. My coaching for executives and CEOs helps here. In weekly telephone and video coaching sessions I show you which leadership skills you need.
    UnternehmerBerater provides you with the tools you need to master your future business challenges without external help!