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DIY team survey

DIY team survey

A (DIY) team survey is a valuable tool. It might even be the most valuable tool at your disposal since it provides important information about the mood among your employees. For example: are there cases of bullying, burnout, strain and stress? Find out with a survey – and find out what the advantages and disadvantages are in this article.

Advantage #1: to learn about the above-mentioned issues, such as bullying, in your team. Your “disadvantage”: once you have found out that there really are bullying, burnout and stress-related anxieties and addictions, you have to act – effective immediately! You mustn’t sweep these issues under the company carpet. In fact, it is your duty to address them and to eliminate them asap!

Why should I conduct an employee survey?

Believe it or not: it is precisely the disclosure of those issues and problems that is your greatest advantage if conducting a team survey DIY. Why? Once they have been identified and communicated to the outside world (i.e., to you), first steps can be taken to address these issues successfully. The long-term result: an improved and better working atmosphere and:

  • Employees who feel they are taken seriously and who feel understood by you
  • Satisfied employees who are happy to come to work without being stressed
  • You find out where the individual problems lie in your company
  • You have an objective basis for future measures

I think employee surveys unnecessary – the “opposition”

Talking to CEOs, I noticed that the older generation in particular isn’t a big fan of anonymous employee surveys: “We do surveys ourselves, everything is going great for me and my team!” On the other hand, start-ups and thus, mostly young entrepreneurs, “crave” such a survey, carried out be an objective third party – they want to optimise their business. So why, in case of older CEOs, go against it?

  • The questions can be too complicated, long, tendentious
  • The questions aren’t anonymous, if being evaluated by an inhouse project manager
  • The questions often don’t address critical issues (e.g., leadership qualities of the bosses)
  • And have often been created without any psychological input and thus, have no added value

All valid points, and yet: having a survey conducted among your employees always makes sense! It is vitally important that the anonymity of the participants is maintained and guaranteed at all times! If there’s even a 0.1% risk that you or your project manager can find out who answered how, you might as well not bother to conduct a team survey.

And this way, you’ll never find out about the important and damaging stress issues. Thus, you’ll neither have an optimised working atmosphere, nor happy employees. So, be one of those CEOs, whose employees show up for work motivated and satisfied on a daily basis! Be the boss whose employees identify themselves with your company 100%! Call me today for your personal survey offer at +49 (0)40 80 9031 9016 or leave a message here

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